Network Engineering

Network Engineering

MSD Digital Intelligence’s innovative workforce, and consulting experience can help clients make real-time decisions as to the direction of their capital investments and network creation.

Our Network Engineering Services are designed to help clients’ build, launch networks services rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, we can help automate other engineering processes, such as configuration management and testing, and deliver increased flexibility at improved cost.

As the most critical step in any network deployment or upgrade, the design phase provides the essential foundation for network build.

MSD Digital Intelligence has built a reputation on our network design services. For a decade we have provided complete Network Design Solutions to customers in commercial and government markets.

With our Network Design Solutions, customers choose to use MSD Digital Intelligence for both the hardware purchase and the Design Services; it is easier and more cost-effective. We also do provide services and products separately, should your needs be better met that way.

Network Upgrades

Network Design Solutions often encompass an entire project as part of an upgrade and/or vendor changeover. Using our exclusive custom-developed Network Checklists, network changes can be implemented with virtually no impact on productivity for a painless upgrade.

Implementation, Installation & Configuration

MSD Digital Intelligence provides network implementation, installation and configuration services. For customers involved in a complete Network Design Solution, we often requested.

We also provide consultation on the conceptual and design. To learn more about our network design solutions, contact us here

We provide complete networking services from design and implementation to administrative support, allowing you to focus on running your business. Our technicians can help you develop IT strategies to maximise your network uptime and productivity.

Whether you need a completely new network installed or are just looking to upgrade or scale your existing network to accommodate your growing business, MSD Digital Intelligence can help. We manage secure network infrastructure that solves your company’s IT needs.

After the initial installation, we will also provide network maintenance plans for optimising the performance and life of your network as well as keeping your network available for access when you need to get to your data.

We also design and install all network components – cabling, routers, switches, servers and workstations, LAN, and WAN components.

To learn more about our managed network services, contact us here

The data centre is an essential infrastructure that provides the catalyst for the development of new content and applications, as well as cloud computing services. There is a potential for substantial growth in the demand for data centres in Malaysia.

MSD Digital Intelligence Sdn. Bhd.’s Data Centre helps maintain the flow of information resources within your business.

Here’s an overview of the four sub-sections within Data Centre, and what they can do for your business:

i) Plan

The first step in managing your IT is to understand what you have. Our Network Audits explore your existing infrastructure to expose any weaknesses that could hamper the security and productivity of your organisation. These audits also provide the information you need to manage your IT devices.

ii) Design

Once the audits and required assessments are complete, our Network Design Engineers will create a plan for your network to be scalable, reliable, efficient, manageable and responsive. You can be sure that the solutions being offered to you will guarantee the security and efficiency of your network infrastructure.

iii) Implement

The third stage of the process is for our team of engineers to come in and install your new network system. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the new system suits your specific business requirements.

iv) Operate

The final piece of the puzzle is to provide you with on-going support through our Remote Managed Services offering. The Operate phase establishes the day-to-day management of the network. It also involves proactive network management, device management, performance monitoring, and trend analysis.

To learn more about our data centre, contact us here here

Here at MSD Digital Intelligence, we can design, install and support your wireless solution. This includes setting up new wireless routers or relay points to boost the range of your network signal, increasing your security so that people cannot see or access the network and upgrading old out-dated equipment.

We use market leading wireless equipment, providing amazing range and signal strength.

You can rely on us for total Wi-Fi support:

  • Upfront analysis of technical and financial feasibility
  • Complete design and build services
  • Turnkey management, including network operation centre and help desk

To learn more about our Wi-Fi Network Deployment Services, contact us here

MSD Digital Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. provides world-class Network Operations Centre (NOC) infrastructure, management and support so our clients can concentrate on their mission requirements. We have extensive experience building and providing mission-critical support of Network Operations Centres in critical, sensitive, highly secure environments.

Our NOC stands on three pillars:

  • Proactive notification: Our certified engineers monitor our customers’ services and the status of the network and across the Internet. When an engineer observes an issue, customers are notified to explain the issue and how it’s being addressed.
  • Direct access to engineers: In our NOC, we route issues to certified engineers who assume immediate responsibility for all tickets – not just the most critical ones. The result is that the engineer who receives the customer’s request and initiates the trouble ticket resolves 95% of all issues.
  • Technical expertise: Our highly-trained NOC team members carry key certifications, including Microsoft MCSE, ensuring their superior technical expertise in network configuration, design and maintenance and carrier connection troubleshooting.

Our team ensures continual network and information availability and allows clients to concentrate on their missions. Benefits of our Network Operations Centre services are:

  • Reduced cost of operation
  • Complete technical support
  • Comprehensive links to intelligence sources and networks and other assets
  • 24/7 intelligence monitoring
  • Business continuity capability
  • Helpdesk support

To learn more about our Network Operations Centre Services, contact us here