Application Development

Helping enterprises build effective, reliable and robust business applications.

Organisations are increasingly reliant on applications to deliver superior service to customers.

When it comes to developing new applications or maintaining existing ones, the stakes are correspondingly high.

Organisations need to know how soon an application will deliver value, how stable it will be, and how to minimise cost without compromising quality.

MSD Digital Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. offers Application Development that comprises the full scope of IT services such as PC Based Application, Mobile Application and Web Based Application. Our application development services deliver greater business value and lower the total cost of application.

We can deliver integrated solution that takes advantage of all three platforms to provide maximum leverage for our client’s IT spending.

In the Age of Web and Mobile Devices, PC based application is still appropriate for specialized use case and condition. We specialise in developing mobile apps that allows your mobile application to run smoothly and quickly on different platforms.

MSD Digital Intelligence was involved in developing applications such as

Estimating Pollution level and Distribution pattern for Jabatan Mineral and Geosains.

PC usage Monitoring and Control for Universal Service Provision project with TM.

Cross Platform Dashboard Application for rural communities.

Delivered powerful yet simple mobile application, built with your success in mind.

We specialise in a development tool that allows us to quickly build mobile application across top three mobile OS.

Our Advantages

Cost and time saving development methods.

Experienced mobile app interface designers.

Experienced mobile app developers.

Coding Guidelines and Standards.

Using the most up-to-date and emerging technology.

We develop for all common mobile and tablet platforms

iOS – iPhone and iPad.

Android – Android Phones and Tablets.

Windows Mobile.

Faster, more secure and more reliable web based application

MSD Digital Intelligence Sdn. Bhd. also offers a web-based application for websites, Content Management System and online web-based systems.

Examples of our web-based applications:

Promis (Project Monitoring Information System):

an online web-based system for Projek Jalurlebar Kebangsaan

generate monthly progress and monitoring

efficient and centralise online database

ProAds (Professional Administration System):

an online web-based system for fault management

helps develop plans, decision-making and generate reports

centralises client feedback in one system

i-HR (Integrated HR System):

an online web-based system for human resources management

creates better reporting and planning system

centralises online database


an online web-based system for inventory management

cost effective and time management

centralises online database for better planning and reporting